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short-term space rentals in a collaborative environment

E2beauty Lounge is a collaborative beauty space that specializes in hair and makeup for weddings and events, in addition to salon services. The space can also be rearranged to host workshops, photoshoots, gatherings, parties and private events.  E2beauty has a heart to connect and gather people together in a comfortable and spacious setting.


Short-Terms Rental Opportunities are perfect for those who need a professional space to meet clients, perform hair and makeup trials and salon services. Our modern Scandinavian inspired 1250 sq. ft salon features high ceilings, real plants, LED and bright natural lighting, exclusive outdoor patio area with furniture and optional kid’s play toys, and vegan products.

Who is this for?

-Freelance Hair and Makeup Artists who just need a place to meet clients for trial sessions and occasional appointments

-Stylists or Freelance Artists that work or live far away, but need to meet a client(s) or expand their clientele in Orange County

-Freelance Artists that want to expand their service offerings to include salon related services.

-Anyone who wants to meet a client outside of their home in a professional setting.

-For those who want to collaborate and network with other artists and stylists.

How does it work?

Upon approval of the initial application, we will set-up a membership account for you.

To rent a station, you will go to vagaro.com/e2beautyllc and click on “Classes” or click HERE. These spaces are one-hour blocks of time that you can rent by signing up for the available time slots.

Based on your membership type, you will either pay by the hour when you come in to the salon or you will pay monthly online.

Amenities Include:

-Chair + Desk Station

-Back Bar Shampoo Station

-Snack + Drink Station


-Refrigerator/Freezer + Sink

-Wifi + Charging Stations

-Indoor + Outdoor Lounge Area

-Heating and Air Conditioning

-Towels + Laundry Washer/Dryer

-Temporary Locker Storage

-Hair Processor + Eye Vac

-Ring Lighting {but large front window allows for good natural lighting}

-Private Spa Room with Massage Table also available for rental upon approval (rate may vary)

(Rental stylist must use own POS and products, supplies and tools, but items can be available for purchase or work can be performed by commission)


Please fill out the form below if you are interested and we will reply back upon approval to set-up your membership. Thank you so much!

Name *
We require a license if you are renting a chair for salon services or spa room. You do not need it if you plan to just meet clients in the lounge area or if you will only be doing hair styling and makeup services or if you work under E2beauty. Please bring your license with you when you rent your chair.
Which membership are you interested in?

Grand Opening Photos by Joy Theory Co and Salon Photos by Hana Hu